Salon on Steelworker "Boss" Becker at A16

Tom Lehman TLehman at
Sat Apr 22 05:12:29 PDT 2000

Pete & Yoshie---What's wrong with Steelworkers competing to raise environmental standards here in the USA and around the world? That's healthy competition!

Tom Lehman

"Peter K." wrote:

> >"Competitiveness," I think, shouldn't be part of our concern. As
> >soon as we accept the necessity for "competitiveness," our demands
> >will be very circumscribed indeed.
> >
> >Yoshie
> Someone should do a book modeled on Raymond Williams's _Keywords_ with words
> and phrases like this one. "Good investment climate" is another one.
> Flexible labor markets. Nationalist. Moral hazard.

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