"Meet the New New Left: bold, fun, and stupid, " in TNR

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sat Apr 22 13:23:27 PDT 2000

JKSCHW at aol.com wrote:

>The reporter might have buzzed Dan Brudney at the U of C philosophy dept or
>Charles Mills at UIC if going to Palgrave, the Enclopaedia of Philosophy, or
>the net was too much trouble, but he didn't. He preferred the cheap and
>ignorant shot. Now, here's an interesting contrast. I have a late 40's Life
>magazine full of Cold War craziness ("Lenin, the Evil Genius who launched
>Glogab Red Threat!"), but iut has a long, dense, thoughtful, and reasonably
>respectable (if politely hostile) article on Marx that tracks views that
>might plausibly be attributed to him, discusses them intelligently, and
>offers serious objectiosn to them, obviously written by someone who had read
>and thought about Marx. This was in Life, the picture magazine. What do you
>make of that?

In his autobio, Galbraith quoted Luce as saying that the best writers on business were socialists and liberals; people who agreed with his politics he found unreadable. So the piece in question was probably written by some embittered ex-Marxist who at least knew his (or, highly unlikely, her) Marx.


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