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Sat Apr 22 20:09:22 PDT 2000

At 09:24 PM 4/22/00 -0400, Joe R. Golowka wrote:
>This whole Elian thing is rather pointless. I'm more concerned with the 18,000 children that starve to death every day then some kid in Miami. Police use violence against civilians all the time - that's part of the definition of being a Cop. The wave of police brutality sweeping the nation is
>much worse then the way the Feds treated the Elian situation. This is just a dispute between different factions of the power elite which the Boss media is hyping up. I have better things to waste my time on.

fuck you too joe. buddy, i've had my home busted into twice and smacked around and falsely arrested and thrown into a jail cell without one word as to why i was arrested, so i don't need you to tell me about cops. my question was real simple. why the excessive use of force? there has to be a reason for it. they have to be able to justify the use of that kind of force or they have to have felt they had a goal that would justify it even if having to take the heat in the meantime. furthermore, the cops/feds behave this way when they've managed to successfully demonize the other as deserving of the treatment: blacks, the poor, anarchists, protestors, etc. that's not the case here, is it? furthermore, we've got a prez who's wives running for senate in NY and has done so campaigning against ghouliani, part of that campaign was denouncing ghouliani's recent behavior, etc. so you'd think they would have taken that into consideration: not gonna look too good for hill the p! ill is it?

finally, i was trying to make some connections here: a highly symbolic display of force on the heels of DC? yes??

no one's asking you to waste your time. but you sure no how to induce yourself to do it despite that fact.

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--Georges Batailles, Blue of Noon

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