Stephen E Philion philion at hawaii.edu
Sun Apr 23 16:51:39 PDT 2000

Actually we should be on the ground thanking God almighty every time Maryslesis holds a press conference. Her incoherency only expands with her desparation. Her father asked, "What are we (the miami relatives), wallpaper?" To which the answer is "Not even..."

Then again who knows maybe Maryslesis is a photoanalyst after all...


On Sun, 23 Apr 2000 SergioL652 at aol.com wrote:

> I heard it not on the internet, but on C-Span. A feww people called to say
> that it was suspicious that Elian had no facial hair (!) in the picture and
> that it was obvious that it was an old picture. The host of the show did
> point out that, since Eian had been in the US for five moths, it is not
> possible for him to be in the same picture with his six month old brother who
> was just born when Elian left Cuba.
> Sergio Lopez-Luna
> normally a lurker

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