Fw: [right-left] Bill White, and "anarcho"-Nazi infiltration (fwd)

Chuck0 chuck at dojo.tao.ca
Sun Apr 23 17:14:19 PDT 2000

Michael Pugliese wrote:
> The Alexander Prokhanov mentioned below, and other characters like
> Dugin ("The Knights Templar of the Proletariat") and the French New Right
> ideologue, Alain DeBenoist have links with Zyuganov, the Russian CP leader.
> In fact, Dugin (see his website, in Russian and English) wrote large chunks
> of the party platform. Some "social democrats"!
> Michael Pugliese
> P.S. To John Lacny, and others. This Bill White, I'm sure is an isolated
> nutcase. I bring up this stuff, more to present "Third Position" and other
> related ideological currents to those not acquainted with this fascist
> bilge. Given how the estalishment, is gonna try to "recuperate" and co-opt
> the less militant and more center-right forces in the anti-globalization
> movement, it is worth keeping an eye on. Better, the left does than the
> neo-cons at the ADL or the Southern Poverty Law Center.

It seems to me that there are some people who are spending way too much time analyzing Bill White's politics. It's quite simple: he's an egomaniacal young nutcase who changes politics to suit his current whim of the moment. All anybody has to do is ask ANY D.C. activist about Bill and they'll start laughing.

Bill used to be a regular on the anarhcy-list, until the constant ridicule drove him away. We had many names for him, including "Kaiser Bill" (for his authoritarian tendencies, and the "CIA Artificial Stupidity Machine."

A year ago KB was sending out numerous press releases praising the Columbine Massacre and insinuating that teenagers affiliated with his "Utopian Anarchist Party" were involved.

We've found over the years that the best way to marginalize KB is to ignore him.


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