germ warfare

Brad De Long delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Apr 24 09:13:59 PDT 2000

>Now, if the documents actually exist and are genuine Soviet articles,
>and if Brad rests his case on the documents, Endicott & Hagerman
>argue that it only means that Brad is taking a side in intertwined
>political struggles: between competing factions in the Soviet party
>leadership; and between the USSR and China. As it befits a true
>connoisseur of Stalinism, Brad's favorite Stalinist in this case is,
>get this, Beria!

No. If the documents exist and if they are genuine Soviet articles, then they tell us interesting things about the sources of the Korean War germ-warfare accusations. That the germ warfare accusations were false may well have been to Beria's advantage in the days around Stalin's death, but that doesn't make them true...

Brad DeLong

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