RES: a trip to North Korea

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Mon Apr 24 10:45:36 PDT 2000

>>> Dennis R Redmond <dredmond at> 04/22/00 09:38PM >>>
On Sat, 22 Apr 2000, Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

> No, I'd criticize North Korea more freely, *if* I were a North
> Korean, but I'm *not*.

I'll believe that the precise moment you can find me a North Korean who openly criticized their own government and lived to tell about it.


CB: Why should they trust you ? You are from the main imperialist enemy of North Korea (Korea period) ? What do they gain by telling you anything, especially when Doug says U.S. policy isn't going to change.


As a general principle, First World radicals shouldn't nail their flags to the masts of Third World one-party states of whatever political provenance. That's not our job.


CB: Our job is to be proletarian internationalists, which includes solidarity with some neo-colonial , one-party socialist states in the form of getting U.S. imperialism off of their backs.

Focus on one-party status as some significantly anti-democratic characterisitic is to swallow the U.S. capitalist propaganda on this issue of political philosophy. U.S. "multi-" partyism does not give the U.S. "democratic" superiority over countries like Cuba and Korea. The U.S. parties both or all represent the big bourgeoisie.


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