Debtors' Cartel & Collective Debt Repudiation (was Re: RES: atrip to North Korea)

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Mon Apr 24 11:27:29 PDT 2000

>>> Yoshie Furuhashi <furuhashi.1 at> 04/22/00 02:45PM >
Some on this list mentioned their admiration for the work of Samir Amin. If they like Amin, I should think that they should at least have some thoughts on de-linking, South-South trade, etc. which have been central to Amin's anti-imperialism. Just imagine how the North Korean "Juche" might work, if it were practiced in alliance with a number of Third World governments which collectively repudiated international debts & were working to create a new regional South-South aid & trade regime.


CB: This is not an impossible fantasy, and it is the gringos' worse nightmare in 2000.


For such a program to emerge on our political horizon, there would have to be a number of revolutionary movements in the Third World that actually controlled their states. Would American activists involved in Seattle & A16, currently happy working with the AFL-CIO, support such movements if they emerged?


CB: Young white radicals can do it, as the inheritors of the political legacy and spirit of the anti-Viet Nam war activists.


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