Free the Tibetans from the Dalal Lama

Jim heartfield jim at
Tue Apr 25 02:48:52 PDT 2000

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Quoting Yoshie

>>BTW, I saw a few people who were carrying "Free Tibet" placards in
>>the Ellipse on A16. It's good that there weren't many more, but it's
>>disturbing that there were some.
>BTW, can you read these sentences and still not understand why someone
>might call you a Stalinist?

I find the American Dalai Lama cult pretty disturbing myself. Does that make me a Stalinist? No, I'm just appalled that people from the most economically developed country in the world would identify with a feudal despotism.

How anyone could think that the monastic dictatorship over Tibet should correspond to freedom is a mystery to me. -- Jim heartfield

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