North Korea

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Tue Apr 25 10:26:53 PDT 2000

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I find this defense of the miserable regime in NK depressing and puzzling. I sort of expect it from Charles, who really _is_ a Stalinist, but Yoshie and now you, I don't get it. What happened to independent socialism? Frankly, if NK is what we have to hang our hat on, the other side has won and ought to win.


CB: Well, I am glad you are depressed. Hope it gets worse.

I am a Leninist. I'm not a follower of Stalin, but anti-communists tend to exaggerate his crimes (a la Brad D.) and attribute everything wrong with every Communist state to him. Also, everything he did was not a crime or an error.

I just read a post by you where you say you are a Liberal. The crimes of liberals in history far outway the crimes of Stalin.


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