Free the Tibetans from the Dalal Lama

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Tue Apr 25 10:53:01 PDT 2000

Wojtek Sokolowski wrote:

>Jim, the US might have the most advanced military technology, but that does
>not justfy calling it an "advanced society." In fact, the US is mostly a
>backward provincial society whose imagery and perceptions of the world are
>shaped by small-town petty bourgeois mentality, religious morality plays,
>Hollywood movies, self-righteousness, ethnocentrism and ignorance of truly
>colossal proportions.

Now wait a minute. There's lots about U.S. culture I find pretty awful, but we're not *all* that bad. This is a complex place full of lots of interesting people, amidst all the bigots, bible-thumpers, and Babbitts. Remember, the thumpers lost the impeachment fight, and Paul Weyrich officially declared the majority to be immoral, corrupted by the Frankfurt School.


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