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Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Tue Apr 25 21:09:09 PDT 2000


>Could you please say a little bit about North Korea, and
>forget trying to judge the secrets of Yoshie's soul.

It appears to me that in the minds of many a LBO-talker, my personality is more interesting than the entire history of North Korea. Must be my charisma, liable to attract a cult following, with both negative and positive charges. :)

Then again, as Zizek notes, the Lady is merely an abstraction emptied of all concrete features.

>These characterizations do not refer to the Leader's actual
>properties - the logic here is the same as that of the Lady in
>courtly love who, as Lacan emphasized, is addressed as an abstract
>Ideal, so that 'writers have noted that all the poets seem to be
>addressing the same person.... In this poetic field the feminine
>object is emptied of all real substance.' This abstract character of
>the Lady indicates the abstraction that pertains to a cold,
>distanced, inhuman partner - the Lady is by no means a warm,
>compassionate, understanding fellow-creature.... (Zizek, _The
>Fragile Absolute_)

Now, if only Doug could drop the cult of personality that he has developed on "Zizek."...

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