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Fri Apr 28 12:48:15 PDT 2000


Interesting, in the exchange below, the distinction made between "squabbling" and "at his throat." I'm with Brad, and from over here in the midwest, consider the works of Henwood and St. Clair an important trip to an electronic course in political economy. But at times when the vitriol flows, I get tempted to skip class.

What does it mean when what some may consider collegial sparring appears to be something far more divisive--and an only marginally productive diversion--to others? Maybe it's an age old tension between debate and organization. Any thoughts on what this suggests concerning prospects for the left?

Did Ralph cross the Free Press picket line? I'll be looking for the followup of that angle on the list soon.

John Graf Janesville, Wisconsin

> brad.hatch wrote:
> >Doug Henwood wrote:
> >
> >> Jeff St Clair's been forwarding me some stuff
reporting that Ralph
> >> Nader is about to cross the picket line and talk to
the Detroit Free
> >> Press, universally regarded in union circles as a
scab paper.
> >>
> >> Gotta admire the guy: runs for president but doesn't
even mention
> >> that or the party he's running on at the A16 rally;
friend of labor
> >> who crosses picket lines.
> >>
> >
> >So you and Jeffery have made up? The last I remember you
guys were at
> >each others throats. I hope it's true. I enjoy the work
both of you
> >produce.
> Heavens. Jeff & I have squabbled over this & that, but
I'd never want
> to be "at his throat." Not sure we were ever unmade, but
I'd want to
> make up immediately if we were.
> Doug

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