Slavoj on Lenin

Carl Remick carlremick at
Fri Apr 28 10:35:58 PDT 2000

>All you Leninists out there may be glad to hear (or maybe you won't,
>since it might confound your paradigm) that at a reading last night
>in NYC, Slavoj Zizek said that it was time to go back to Lenin.
>"Everyone" now is talking about Marx, but that's too easy; we all
>know about alienation and the "fetishism of merchandise." What we
>need now, he said, is someone who'll cut off some heads.
>By the way, to a questioner who implied he was guilty of
>Eurocentrism, Slavoj said "Yes, I'm a Eurocentrist."

Subtle thinkers, those Eurocentrists. If Zizek's still around town and really wants to meet someone willing to "cut off some heads," he might want to drop by chez Giuliani and have a chitchat with our ailing mayor (though the experience could well confound his paradigm).

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