Cuban Democracy at Work (was Re: RES: a trip to North

Michael Hoover hoov at
Fri Apr 28 09:15:12 PDT 2000

> Two most significant features of Cuban political system are grassroots
> organizations: Committees to Defend the Revolution (CDR) that perfor
> defense, education, and community functions *and* Organs of Popular
> Power (OPP), elected assemblies designed to make party and national
> government responsive to local needs. Michael Hoover
> ((((((((((((((((((
> CB: Yes, this is important instiutional evidence of Cuba's popular
> sovereignty , the number one touchstone of democracy. The CDR are close
> to direct democratic , i.e. not republican, forms.
> CB

a basic premise of Madisonian democracy is restraint on mass political power... Michael Hoover

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