North Korea Again

Max B. Sawicky sawicky at
Fri Apr 28 14:28:53 PDT 2000

> On Fri, 28 Apr 2000, Carrol Cox wrote:
> > Would this not be a reasonable summary of the some 200 posts
> > on that thread? What third-world nation has done better?
> Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan come to mind.
> Whence this obsession with Kim the Younger? Is there some secret shrine to
> Kim Jung-illism we should know about in the Midwest?
> -- Dennis

I'm with Carrol. I'm off to NK next week for the World Series of Ping Pong. A week at the Pyongyang Crystal Marriott. Evening events include a concert by the Red Youth Accordion Orchestra, Adventure Safari along the 48th parallel (taunt the imperialists in their own language!), Extreme Surfing, Submarine Cruise in SK Waters, and dinner theater revival of the Manchurian Candidate. Doesn't get any better.

I hear the local joke is, "If we had Kim, we could have Kim Chee, if we had Chee."

Then back home to 'Bronx' to plot national liberation strategy w/Aunt Lily. Key is control of morning distribution of cheese danish rations.


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