eXile on Putin

Michael Pugliese debsian at pacbell.net
Sun Apr 30 11:57:20 PDT 2000

Serendipity, as my Mom says all the time. Just got back from the bookstore down the street. Nice new, coffee table size book of the eXile'e greatest hits. Preface by bad boy, "National Bolshevik, " novelist, Edward Limonov. His series of novels, starting with, "It's Me, Eddie, " are hilarious satires of exile/dissident life. Was a cabbie in New York City in the late 70's. Scathing on America and Brezhnevite fSU.

Michael Pugliese

P.S. New book on Kosovo and NATO, by Tim Judah looks good too, as well as the Verso anthology on the war edited by Tariq Ali.

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