Rant (was: Re: Fwd: Who wins in November does matter)

kelley kwalker2 at gte.net
Tue Aug 1 09:01:00 PDT 2000

Barry Rene DeCicco wrote:

><rant on - to people in general, not Nathan>
>It's amazing to me, hanging out
>on other lists, just how big a percentage
>of the text in a typical LBO digest is quoted

amazing ain't it and doug pays per k over his limit which is almost all the time. something like $100 a month i'll guess.

a significant amt of that is really the giant dingleberries people leave hanging off the end of their one line post.

now, forwarding of articles, that's a tough one. quite a few people on the list don't have easy web access: crummy 14.4 still i bet and even 28.8 modems are a pain with some web pages. also, people who live outside the US often end up paying for time on line by the minute. at least with a forwarded article on an email list they can read offline, whereas an article on line often takes up 2 or more pages and requires that you stay on line.

i also think people feel that articles will have a better chance of being read and responded to if it is posted in its entirety. dunno.

at any rate, my 1.7 in IMF funny money. i agree that requoting the same text over and over again is rude and inconsiderate, especially given that doug pays for that text each time it's sent.

in fact, i've bitched about it before, to no avail....


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