Gore vs. Bush: fiscal policy

Seth Ackerman SAckerman at FAIR.org
Tue Aug 1 18:17:41 PDT 2000


Jeff Faux / The American Prospect - August 14, 2000

When asked by The Wall Street Journal in January how he would respond to a recession, Vice President Al Gore said that he would cut back on government spending, "just as a corporation has to cut expenses when revenues fall off, and that sometimes turns out for the long-term benefit of a company." Calvin Coolidge couldn't have said it better.

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William Greider / The Nation - August 7-14, 2000

"I studied at Harvard and learned Keynesian economics, and I certainly agree that it works under certain circumstances," [top Bush economic advisor Larry] Lindsey observed. Then he suggested that if the economy goes into the ditch, as he actively fears, Bush's proposed $1.6 trillion tax cut plan can be speedily enacted to provide emergency stimulus. "I would call it a fiscal insurance policy--in case needed," he said. "What we would do, I think, is accelerate [implementation of] the tax cut."

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