Dutch reading email?

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Wed Aug 2 09:39:51 PDT 2000

InfoWorld Scoop - August 1, 2000


Posted at Aug 01, 2000 07:37 AM Pacific

REPORTS THAT INTELLIGENCE agents have been intercepting e-mail traffic have added urgency to the debate about electronic snooping in the Netherlands, where a pending bill would broaden the government's power to monitor communications.

The newspaper De Volkskrant said Monday that the Internal Security Service (Binnenlandse Veiligheidsdienst, or BVD) had monitored e-mail messages between an unnamed Dutch software company and an Iranian customer. According to the report, BVD approached the company, which makes software for industrial processes, and warned it to stop dealing with an Iranian water-purification company because of its involvement in nuclear power projects.

For the full story: http://www.infoworld.com/articles/hn/xml/00/08/01/000801hndutch.xml?0801tupm

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