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Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Wed Aug 2 13:08:15 PDT 2000


BREAKING NEWS Wednesday, August 2nd, 2000

3:00pm Police have been seen sending arrest squads to the area around 16th, 17th, Market, and Chestnut.

2:55pm Medics have reported having their bags dumped at the Roundhouse.

2:45pm Sixty riot police are converging on 6th and Race.

2:35pm Tactical teams of men in fatigues have been sigthed at 7th and Arch.

2:27pm At 12th and Race, police cornered IMC reporters, prevented them from reporting, tried to disable their cameras, and hit a reporter in the face.

2:22pm Two reports of plainclothes police officers following IMC reporters.

2:15pm One person was harrassed by police at 7th and Race for not having ID. There is a possibility of arrest.

1:30pm 70+ dressed in red on south side of City Hall.

1:20pm 75+ heading west on Arch and 5th.

1:00pm 100+ activists gathering at 15th and Market.

12:45pm 35+ protestors crash George W. Bush's Luncheon at Convention Hall (12th and Arch).

12:45pm 25+ protestors crash Anti-Abortion Luncheon on South Broad Street (Broad & Sansom). Huge police presence.

12:30pm Wages for Housework Campaign march gets under way with 50+ participants and a giant puppet on 2nd and Walnut.

10:30am John Sellers (Ruckus Society coordinator) is being arrested at 15th and JFK.

10:30am Police enter the R2K legal offices at 12th and Vine. police have left the building, but a raid later today is suspected.

10:00am Hundreds gathering in front of Citicorp Bank to protest neo-liberal economic policies.

7:35am Two female prisoners jailed at Roundhouse on 8th and Vine will be interviewed LIVE between 8am and 8:30am on Democracy Now. Click "Listen to us" at the top of the Democracy Now page to listen.

1:55am There are numerous reports of ongoing police brutality from activists imprisoned at the Roundhouse Philadelphia Prison.

1:02am Activists being detained at the Roundhouse are engaging in a hunger strike, and are demanding equal treatment, that the charges against them be dropped, and immediate release.

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