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Joe R. Golowka joegolowka at
Wed Aug 2 21:02:50 PDT 2000

BREAKING NEWS Wednesday, August 2nd, 2000 10:15pm WR2K will be interviewing one of the first activists released from the Roundhouse holding facility within the hour, along with the other activists and supporters that are holding a rally in support of those still imprisoned. The protestors have declared that they will remain in front of the Roundhouse until the prisoners are released and are encouraging others to join them. 10:00pm Activists in gas masks are moving down Juniper street. Two squadrons of bike cops are reported to be moving in to intercept them. 6:45pm According to a report from within the Roundhouse, detainees had not eaten in 10 hours and the police have suspended bathroom "priviledges". 6:30pm Police are sweeping areas center city, arresting people on sight. There are multiple reports of unjustified car and pedestrian stops, often involving intimidation, searches, and occasionally violence. 6:00pm Police have been seen sending arrest squads to the area around 16th, 17th, Market, and Chestnut. 5:00pm Orderly protest focused on freeing Mumia Abu-Jamal on the 500 block of Market. 2:55pm Medics have reported having their bags dumped at the Roundhouse. 2:45pm Sixty riot police are converging on 6th and Race. 2:35pm Tactical teams of men in fatigues have been sigthed at 7th and Arch. 2:27pm At 12th and Race, police cornered IMC reporters, prevented them from reporting, tried to disable their cameras, and hit a reporter in the face. 2:22pm Two reports of plainclothes police officers following IMC reporters. 2:15pm One person was harrassed by police at 7th and Race for not having ID. There is a possibility of arrest. 1:30pm 70+ dressed in red on south side of City Hall. 1:20pm 75+ heading west on Arch and 5th. 1:00pm 100+ activists gathering at 15th and Market. 12:45pm 35+ protestors crash George W. Bush's Luncheon at Convention Hall (12th and Arch). 12:45pm 25+ protestors crash Anti-Abortion Luncheon on South Broad Street (Broad & Sansom). Huge police presence. 12:30pm Wages for Housework Campaign march gets under way with 50+ participants and a giant puppet on 2nd and Walnut. 10:30am John Sellers (Ruckus Society coordinator) is being arrested at 15th and JFK. 10:30am Police enter the R2K legal offices at 12th and Vine. police have left the building, but a raid later today is suspected. 10:00am Hundreds gathering in front of Citicorp Bank to protest neo-liberal economic policies. 7:35am Two female prisoners jailed at Roundhouse on 8th and Vine will be interviewed LIVE between 8am and 8:30am on Democracy Now. Click "Listen to us" at the top of the Democracy Now page to listen. 1:55am There are numerous reports of ongoing police brutality from activists imprisoned at the Roundhouse Philadelphia Prison. 1:02am Activists being detained at the Roundhouse are engaging in a hunger strike, and are demanding equal treatment, that the charges against them be dropped, and immediate release.

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