scab movie

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Thu Aug 3 10:08:04 PDT 2000

from another list...

>This just in ... from the Metropolitan Washington (D.C. Labor)Council,
>If lines form at a new movie, they won't be of moviegoers.
>'The Replacements' opens nationwide August 11 and will probably premiere
>in Washington, thanks to its focus on the scabs who replaced the
>Washington Redskins players during the 1987 football strike.
>"I urge you to spread the word that all union members should not only
>shun 'The Replacements', but also urge as many folks as possible to not
>put their dollars in an anti-labor propaganda device," writes M. J.
>Duberstein, Director of Research for the NFL Players Association.
>Local solidarity was so strong that not a single Redskins player crossed
>the line in the '87 strike, the only team in the NFL to maintain 100%

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