Anarchists of the World, Unite in Your Literary

Peter K. peterk at
Thu Aug 3 20:10:36 PDT 2000

Eric B. wrote:

>[Think it's just an oversight that he doesn't mention Tolstoy?]

I thought that was odd, too. Gotta love that first sentence: "The appearance of ... anarchists among the protesters ... is tantalizing but perplexing." Nothing quite like being tantalized and perplexed simultaneously.

>August 3, 2000
>The New York Times
>Anarchists of the World, Unite in Your Literary Roots!
>The appearance of some self-proclaimed anarchists among the protesters at
the Republican convention is tantalizing but perplexing. With radical effusions so out of style, what are we to make of these figures from beyond the fringe? They summon us back to a time and place when anarchists were taken seriously, Russia in the 19th century, and to the great novelists who grappled with the phenomenon. [clip]

I've always taken Chomsky seriously. And Chuck0.


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