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Chuck0 chuck at tao.ca
Fri Aug 4 07:43:19 PDT 2000

Carl Remick wrote:

> OTOH, no one was watching what went on *inside* the convention either.
> E.g., the Economist notes of convention coverage: "... there weren’t many
> watching millions. Only about 2m people — 1% of the electorate — tuned in to
> the round-the-clock coverage on cable networks. On prime-time television,
> most people were watching sports."
> I caught only some exceedingly brief snatches of W's address but was
> impressed by his newfound ability to emit one syntactically correct sentence
> after another; they must have replaced a couple of his circuit boards.
> Plus, the guy was oozing enough compassion to make Mother Teresa look like
> Josef Mengele. Prince Albert has his work cut out for him.

I currently don't have a TV, so I listened to NPR's coverage on the radio. Leaving aside NPR's lame tunnel vision inside-the-beltway analysis, I thought the whole thing was a hoot. Listening to a convention is a different experience than watching it. You really key in on the inanities of most of the speeches. For some reason, the stuff on Tuesday night made me laugh the hardest. I was doubled over in laughter while listening to the audio from the video they were showing which highlighted Gerald Ford's career. The audio portion of the videos were the funniest parts. They were self-parodying, much like a Saturday Night Live skit.

Ahh yes, I can just visualize the videos with Chevy Chase playing the heroic Gerald Ford, leading "our country through a difficult time."


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