Where do they come from? (was Re: The market-less society)

Reese reeza at flex.com
Fri Aug 4 19:38:09 PDT 2000

At 02:11 PM 03/08/00 +0000, Carl Remick wrote:

>[Interesting article on the Mouvement Anti-Utilitariste dans les Sciences

>Sociales from the current In These Times. This is a useful corrective to

>the infinitely long, endlessly tedious thread that recently ran on the LBO

>list concerning the impossibility of expropriating the wealthy. What

>Western society clearly needs isn't tax-code changes so much as moral-code

>changes. We're not going to get anywhere until wealth itself is demonized.]


>Give It Away


>By David Graeber


>Have you noticed how there aren't any new French intellectuals any more?

>There was a veritable flood in the late '70s and early '80s: Derrida,

>Foucault, Baudrillard, Kristeva, Lyotard, de Certeau ... but there has been

>almost no one since. Trendy academics and intellectual hipsters have been

>forced to endlessly recycle theories now 20 or 30 years old, or turn to

>countries like Italy or even Slovenia for dazzling meta-theory.

Apologies for butting in, but this central question - where are the new French intellectuals - inspires another sort of question; one best suited for the bonafide sociologists on the list (I think).

Has there ever been a study done, of intellectuals, and the societies they arise from? On correlations between them? I'd appreciate an offlist reply from anyone kind-hearted enough to respond, if the reply is not deemed to be list-worthy.


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