FW: Countries abandon their sovereignty ! ! ! It WILL affect YOU R life!

Elena elena at elits.rousse.bg
Sat Aug 5 06:38:27 PDT 2000

>The UN is the enemy of
>the United States and freedom-living people everywhere in the world. This
>sham, perpetrated on the world by communists and their sympathizers must
> The new millennium that has dawned must be dedicated to freedom.
>we must free ourselves from the threat of global government by un-elected
>individuals and groups who would enslave us all.

As Ms Clinton said, what do you have NATO for, if not to protect your way of life? Are there many wackos like this around (iow, are there many people that would read willingly crap like this ?)?

P.S. (kelley, why not post it to the defcon list? ;-)

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