Fwd: Leftists and Movements

Michael Pugliese debsian at pacbell.net
Sat Aug 5 15:39:36 PDT 2000

In regards to the comments from www.laborsmilitantvoice.com

When are neo-Trots gonna stop that line that the masses are incipiently revolutionary just being held back like Dogs on leashes by corrupt union leaders? And even the most conservative unionists have as staples of their rhetoric anti-boss, anti-corporate lines. What do want from them? M-C-M' ??? The Correct Line and Program??? Knowing who and why Zinoviev was wrong or right??? (I dunno but I think Jerzy Kosinski played him great in "Reds")

I've learned alot from Trotskyists over the years, but one comment from Bill Sennett, who is a financial angel to lefties in california, and who was in the Lincoln Brigades, in the CPUSA till '56, when a friend pushed him on his impressions of the Trots of old stays with me. "How many did they mobilize? Organize? Get to join the SWP or the Schactmanite sects?" Thousands. At least the CPUSA for all it's lying and naivite about good 'ol Uncle Joe probably had a million that either joined or were influenced by it. If you want salvation, go to church. I hear those folks love to split over tiny differences too.

Michael Pugliese, feeling CRANKY!

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