The Hunt for Mexicans

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>ZNet Daily Commentary
>July 16, 2000
>The Hunt for Mexicans
>By Vijay Prashad <vijay.prashad at>
>On 16 February 2000, the American Federation of Labor-
>Coalition of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) which
>represents 13 million US workers dropped a bombshell.
>Vice President Linda Chavez-Thompson said that 'the current
>system of immigration enforcement in the US is broken. If
>we are to have an immigration system that works, it must be
>orderly, responsible, and fair.'

This echoes a call by a member of the European Commission this week to take a broader view of immigration. The headlines were his opinion that Europe needed to import 75 million workers in coming years.

Immigrants are good for a capitalist economy.

The race is on. Policy is shifting.

Chris Burford


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