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"Labors Militant Voice" is a tiny group (probably around a dozen people) who split from the U.S. Labor Militant (now known as Socialist Alternative) over their support for the Labor Party (which they see as a bunch of labor bureaucrats who are the source of all evil, vastly exaggerating the influence of the LP supporters in the AFL). For a few years, they tried to be the left opposition inside the LP, but a year ago they left (finally, to the relief of any LP chapters that had to deal with their members.)

-Andy English

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> In regards to the comments from www.laborsmilitantvoice.com
> When are neo-Trots gonna stop that line that the masses are incipiently
>revolutionary just being held back like Dogs on leashes by corrupt union
>leaders? And even the most conservative unionists have as staples of their
>rhetoric anti-boss, anti-corporate lines. What do want from them? M-C-M'
>??? The Correct Line and Program??? Knowing who and why
>Zinoviev was wrong or right??? (I dunno but I think Jerzy Kosinski played
>him great in "Reds")
> I've learned alot from Trotskyists over the years, but one comment from
>Bill Sennett, who is a financial angel to lefties in california, and who
>in the Lincoln Brigades, in the CPUSA till '56, when a friend pushed him on
>his impressions of the Trots of old stays with me. "How many did they
>mobilize? Organize? Get to join the SWP or the Schactmanite sects?"
>Thousands. At least the CPUSA for all it's lying and naivite about good 'ol
>Uncle Joe probably had a million that either joined or were influenced by
>it. If you want salvation, go to church. I hear those folks love to split
>over tiny differences too.
> Michael Pugliese, feeling CRANKY!

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