Evangelical Zeal in Politics

Michael Pugliese debsian at pacbell.net
Sun Aug 6 21:17:48 PDT 2000

>Naw. Smear'm on sex charges.
>...Maybe start a rumor of pedophilic day care centers run by
church leaders or something.

Yah, right, after the eighties- a decade full of Christian Right paranoia about Satanic Ritual Abuse at day care centers. There are many good books, Lawrence Wright from the New Yorker for one, Debbie Nathan for another, on this. Why reinforce, what is a hopefully dying panic/scare. (Though for a melding of the S&L scandals and this, with allegations from nutball ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson, that ex-Pres. Bush is a pedophile who went to parties with Barney Frank! see this deposition from my favorite militia list http://www.iahf.com/usa/20000629.html http://educate-yourself.org/tgindex.html http://www.newsmakingnews.com/gunderson.htm)

And anyway, the Christian fundy sub-cultures would forgive the miscreants just as they did Swaggert and the Bakkers. Secular left-liberals like all us on the list love to point out the hypocrisy but, these folks believe that we are all sinners, forever tempted but always redeemed after confession.

Michael Pugliese

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