The Evil of Two Lessers?

Rob Schaap rws at
Mon Aug 7 04:32:43 PDT 2000

So what's the dirt on this Lieberman bloke?

C'mon you lot, tell us Australians something about the man who would be our next vice-president! And how significant is a 17-point August poll-lead? I mean, it can't mean much if the prancing nothingness that was Philly contributed much to it, can it? And can a Gore/Lieberman pairing REALLY be as bad as that Bush/Cheney outfit? I mean, the perfumed farts emanating from that Great Hall Of Platitudinous Vacuity were redolent of sick bowels indeed! Watching that ghastly charade has thrown me in the direction of Nathan Newman, I'm afraid. Not because of foreign or economic policy so much (even where they differ, I disagree with both), but because of the implications for political culture in all this. There seems no end to America's capacity for pompous bible-thumping missile-rattling reaction, but Bush/Cheney seem intent on exploring the very limits ...

Cheers, Rob.

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