Discovery Institute Accuses Rioters of Rights Violations

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Mon Aug 7 08:28:08 PDT 2000

Nathan Newman wrote:

>When someone sues all these groups under RICO, we will be able to thank
>NOW for having established the precedent that non-economic motives still
>qualifies a group as engaging in "racketeering activities." Essentially,
>the NOW attack on anti-choice activists revived conspiracy as a legal
>attack on civil disobediance and established the bankrupting of political
>opponents through RICO suits as a new tool.
>It is a sad fact that for the last decade, almost all the bad Supreme
>Court precedents rolling back First Amendment Rights have had either NOW
>or Planned Parenthood in the plaintiff position, with often liberal judges
>reversing old labor and civil rights precendents in order to silence
>anti-abortion activists.
>Unfortunately, what comes around goes around.

And aren't these folks all part of the Democratic coalition, who will no doubt be urging us to vote for Gore-Lieberman (Lieberman has a 100% rating from NARAL)?


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