theorizing gangbangs

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Mon Aug 7 09:44:54 PDT 2000

Doug posted:

>The Stranger (Seattle) - Jul 27 - Aug 2 2000
>The Stranger Interview with Annabel Chong
>by Jamie Hook
>IN 1995, Annabel Chong, née Grace Quek, a young porn actress from
>Singapore with endearingly bad teeth and an accent with equal parts
>King's English, Malaysian Chinese, and Valley Girl, took to a
>tinsel-strewn stage and proceeded to sexually engage a record 251
>men in a single eight-hour session. The World's Biggest Gang Bang I
>ignited a craze for gangbangs, and her record has since been broken
>twice, in a 300-man and 640-man gangbang. A 1,000-man gangbang is
>scheduled for later this year.

Isn't this called speed-up?

>Do people within the porn community embrace you for your gangbang?
>Oh no, they dislike me intensely for it. Some even thought it
>shouldn't be allowed.

It seems to me that it's in the interest of porn actresses to get paid more for fewer hours with fewer acts that take lesser intensity of labor. Perhaps that is the reason why "people within the porn community" dislike Annabel Chong for helping ignite a craze for gangbang competition, since competition cheapens the value of labor.

Where is a John Cage of the porn industry?


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