Strange Ways

kelley kwalker2 at
Mon Aug 7 11:55:53 PDT 2000

> >From John Catalinotto, Managing Editor, Workers World:

thanks so very much for this information. the article was sent by someone else to another list where it was promptly shat upon by someone who enjoys the sport of trashing commies, socialist, lefties, liberals, etc. gave it a big rant about disinfo and fnord and that sort of crap and, moreover, whined on about how the article was all about how racist the drug war was when it was fairly evident that the editorial wasn't really about that at all.

lord. i need to stop reading these conservative/libertarian lists. at least stop taking them seriously. otherwise, it's going to drive me right over the edge and i'm already rocking on the edge of the abyss now.

pugliese, i don't know how on earth you can stand being on those lists where they attack you incessantly!! ????

the constant harangue about how lefties, commies, socialists are out to kill everyone and destroy freedom.....the endless whine about how we control politics......fuckmedead...i laugh to think that such a claim is bandied about, particularly after a good strong dose of LBO and the dissension and in-fighting that goes on here. wow. aren't we a fearsome and incredibly powerful force in contemporary political life! shite. i laugh for awhile and then i cry because i can't understand why anyone thinks that we are so fucking evil and why those who rage on about freedom and liberty and how the founders were revolutionaries can then go on to say that anarchists, commies, socialists, etc deserve what they get and any police abuses witnessed over the past nearly year now are just what they deserve.

christ on a broken crutch.

thanks for letting me rant.

and really, thanks for getting the scoop for me--and for the person duking it out over the editorial on another list. i'm sure he appreciates it and will send his own acknowledgement later.


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