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Mon Aug 7 13:23:02 PDT 2000

>BACK PAGE - WEEKEND FT: From liberty back to equality again: PAUSE
>FOR THOUGHT: Michael Prowse waits for 'the other America' to reassert
>its traditional beliefs as two conservative parties fi [sic]
>Financial Times, Aug 5, 2000, 781 words
>And the US can claim credit not just for the Robber Barons of the
>late 19th century, whose swashbuckling style and shameless lack of
>social conscience are so uncannily mirrored by today's corporate
>titans, but also for the pragmatists and progressives who took them
>I'm thinking of the fair-minded men and women who argued for a highly
>progressive income tax, for anti-trust legislation, for public
>pensions and for unemployment insurance.
>I'm thinking, above all, of the creators of the US's tax-funded high
>schools, which provided a better education up to age 18 than was then
>available in much of Europe and so helped underpin the US's 20th
>century economic hegemony.

Let it be noted that the Dems' VP-designate Joe Lieberman is an outspoken advocate of private-school vouchers that would undermine the nation's publicly funded school system.

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