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> London Sunday Times
> Trouble brewing: police fear a repeat of London's J8
> riots could disrupt Olympic events
> British anarchists plot to disrupt Sydney games
> by Paul Ham, Sydney
> THOUSANDS of anti-capitalist campaigners, including some
> from Britain, are expected to travel to Australia with the aim
> of disrupting the Olympic Games next month.
> Surveillance of websites and e-mails has uncovered plans to
> block entry to the Olympic stadium, disrupt competition with
> sit-ins and ambush the wives of corporate bosses attending
> the games. McDonald's, Coca-Cola and other Olympic
> sponsors have been warned that they may be targeted for
> attack.
> Australian police believe large numbers of demonstrators from
> overseas will arrive in Sydney after attending protests in
> Melbourne, where leading businessmen and politicians are
> due to attend a meeting of the World Economic Forum on
> September 11, four days before the Games begin.
> Some officers fear that Melbourne may see a rerun of the
> so-called Battle of Seattle last December, when World Trade
> Organisation talks were disrupted.
> Police sources and activists said last week that the Forum
> and the Olympics had attracted interest from members of
> British anarchist cells behind the J18 "carnival against
> capitalism" in June last year, when 46 people were injured in
> the City of London during riots that caused £2m worth of
> damage.
> The militants' internet activities are being closely monitored,
> according to Peter Ryan, chief of the New South Wales
> police, and Australia's secret service is in close contact with
> MI5 and the FBI.
> Australian cells are believed to be co-ordinating the
> forthcoming campaign through internet links with hundreds of
> related organisations. These include ProtestNet, Ruckus,
> which trains supporters in direct action, and the Feminist
> Avengers.
> Cassandra Bowden, of the Eastern Alliance, one of the
> Australian groups preparing to start its protest at the World
> Economic Forum, said: "The idea is to have a blockade to
> stop people getting in. We've been holding workshops in
> direct action. When police approach us, we go limp. We're
> non-violent."
> Temporary laws to counter demonstrations will give security
> guards special powers to demand names and addresses and
> to arrest demonstrators.
> The powers are opposed by legitimate organisations hoping
> to exploit the large media presence in Sydney to draw
> attention to their campaigns. Len Kanaar, of Friends of the
> Earth, said: "These laws stop people's rights to protest in the
> city and along the harbour front, which has traditionally been
> the focus of a lot of demos."
> The office of the New South Wales director of public
> prosecutions said the temporary measures were essential.
> "A lot of overseas people are going to be causing all sorts of
> problems," a spokesman said.
> "We're preparing just in case. You've got to keep the buggers
> under control."
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