The Evil of Two Lessers?

christian a. gregory christian11 at
Mon Aug 7 17:59:03 PDT 2000

> The moralists didn't lose the impeachment battle; the people who wanted to
> make political decisions based on that moralism lost. In fact, Lieberman
> is the perfect embodiment of the basic public attitudes and desires of the
> American people- "Bad President, bad bad President - sin no more and keep
> that stock market rolling."

I'm not sure I get the point of this distinction. As your own evidence shows, the thing that matters is whether politicians let the moralism get in the way of doing their jobs--ie to make political decisions. Clinton's imaginary losses to Bush Sr. and Jr. can express their distaste for his person with no consequences--if there was really a chance that Clinton could be re-elected, I bet he'd be killing them, too.


> -- Nathan Newman

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