Strange Ways

Michael Pugliese debsian at
Tue Aug 8 04:04:06 PDT 2000

>pugliese, i don't know how on earth you can stand being on those lists
where they attack you incessantly!! ????


LOL! Maybe I'll rejoin Leninist-International and so Lou and Mark can attack me from my left! On the storming heaven and dsanet lists, a Libertarian and a Neo-Con love to needle the socdems. The Libertarian on Storming Heaven, Troy Heagy, is one to believe any damn canard against leftists and liberals. Just zapped him on some BS on Rep. Maxine Waters and food stamps. Who his source had as Rep. Marlene Winters and was "sourced" as coming from Roiters, s/b Reuters.

Michael "Glutton for Punishment" Pugliese

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