The Evil of Two Lessers?

Carl Remick carlremick at
Tue Aug 8 08:10:49 PDT 2000

>But, damn, I still think one of the few positive achievements of the
>Clinton years was handing a decisive defeat to the moral police. And
>now we have fucking Jerry Falwell praising Lieberman as an "excellent
>choice." So we've got a born-again Christian and an Orthodox Jew on
>the Dem ticket, and the proclaimer of Jesus Day in Texas leading the
>Republican - and hair-shirt Ralph and the Catholic crypto-fascist
>Buchanan as our leading alternatives. Is this some collective
>expiation for the wretched excess of the 90s boom?

Expiation? Just seems like a bit of role-switching to me. Now it's Joe Lieberman who's getting blow jobs, from the media. E.g., Slate's take on the VP-designate today: "'Like Bush's choice of Dick Cheney, Lieberman is a shrewd pick because he reinforces what's appealing about Gore--high intelligence and sound moral impulses--while serving as a corrective to what has been unappealing and ill-judged about the Gore campaign so far --its shrillness and populist posturing,' Jacob Weisberg writes. 'A New Democrat of scholarly mien and an almost serene temperament, Lieberman may serve as a pivot that allows Gore to reorient his candidacy in a more promising direction.'"


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