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[The text of the Weyrich letter, from Conservative News Service <http://www.conservativenews.org/InDepth/archive/199902/IND19990218c.html>.]

18 February, 1999

By Paul Weyrich

CNS Information ServicesBut that did not result in the adoption of our agenda.


The reason, I think, is that politics itself has failed. And politics has failed because of the collapse of the culture. The culture we are living in becomes an ever-wider sewer. In truth, I think we are caught up in a cultural collapse of historic proportions, a collapse so great that it simply overwhelms politics.

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CB: Seems like cultural anthropology's concept of culture has taken over as the/a predominant paradigm for social analysis. "Culture" is such a squishy , maleable concept. What causes a culture to collapse ? Satan ?

Also, isn't it a sort of hopeful sign , a light at the end of the rightwing tunnel we are in , that rightwingers _think_ things are going bad for them ?

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