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Tue Aug 8 14:00:16 PDT 2000

That was pretty yuckey, Doug, even by the standards of the Christian Identity crowd.

Yesterday on NPR listening to Bill Curry, a Democratic political consultant and E.J. Dionne trying to paint Lieberman as an economic populist was bizarre. The Bush operatives are honest in pointing to issues like vouchers to highlight the similiarities to their ticket.

Liked Dionne's quip about this being Marty's dream ticket.

Michael Pugliese

Anti-Semites Use Internet to Attack Lieberman

Tuesday, August 08, 2000

By Michael Carney

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Vice President Al Gore's selection of Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman as his vice presidential running mate Tuesday prompted a flood of anti-Semitic hate messages on the Internet from people objecting to the fact that he is an Orthodox Jew.

The Anti-Defamation League, which monitors hate speech on the Internet, said anti-Semitic slurs and offensive language was sprouting on message boards, discussion groups and e-mail lists.

Lieberman's Jewish identity was widely discussed by mainstream media Tuesday with some analysts saying it would make little or no difference to the vast majority of voters. But others were not quite so sure.

Some of the electronic screeds described Lieberman, a highly respected member of the U.S. Senate, as a "manipulating dirty" "Jewboy" with a "hooked nose."

Others repeated a well-known anti-Semitic libel that a coterie of Jews control the U.S. government and news media.

"If Gore makes it, then we have greatly underestimated the power of Zionists and the controlled media," wrote one critic.

"Gore probably just picked Lieberman to make a 'statement' and because he is mad at the Jewish-controlled American media for creating and maintaining the candidacy of (Republican George W.) Bush," read a posting representative of many others.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that a chat room about the Lieberman selection drew 14,000 postings -- half, at times, attacking Lieberman's Judaism.

Web sites maintained by established hate groups were mum about Lieberman, although the head of America's fastest-growing group was online within hours of the selection.

"Presidential candidate Al Gore's choice of Joseph Lieberman as his running mate will increase national dislike for Jews," Matthew Hale, a self-described racist who heads the World Church of the Creator, told followers through an Internet mailing list.

"I further hope that Al Gore and Joseph Lieberman are elected as it would increase anti-Semitism dramatically and further erode the supposed legitimacy of the government," Hale wrote. "The more Jewish the government obviously is, the more the people will wish to overthrow such an alien government."

Hale may be a firebrand, but he was much less incendiary than other authors on the Internet, which is well-known as a haven for extremists who can exchange views in virtual anonymity.

"Now the Jew press will pump up the Gore/Jew ticket like crazy," said a posting to a message board dedicated to tobacco. "Guys, even though we are in the TV age, and the hooked nose does not play well on TV, beware of the Jew presses' ability to sway the public."

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