Lieberman's Record (RE: The Evil of Two Lessers

Seth Ackerman SAckerman at
Tue Aug 8 16:46:42 PDT 2000

That's weird. I thought you were going to say that looking over Lieberman's record, you find he's actually quite conservative, which makes you have some reservations about supporting Gore.

Actually, Lieberman's ADA rating is the same as Maxine Waters -- just to show you how useful those things are.


Nathan Newman wrote:

> Actually, looking over Lieberman's record, he actually votes for liberal
> than he talks - he's hardly Wellstone but he is much better than someone
> like John Breux of Louisiana. I pulled various group ratings off of the
> Project Vote Smart list at Trimmed to get rid
> of the more obscure groups, Lieberman does have a very good record with
> the pro-choice, environmental, civil rights and gun control groups. He
> has a pretty solid labor, consumer and seniors voting record. And the
> anti-tax folks seem to hate his guts, so that is a good sign.
> He is most conservative on foreign policy and on certain business areas -
> especially trade obviously to fit with the DLC Gore approach - but he
> actually has managed to vote a bit more liberal than his public image.
> For example (this from another source), his lifetime Americans for
> Democratic Action (ADA) rating is about 78, higher than a lot of other
> Democrats.

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