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Wed Aug 9 11:50:05 PDT 2000

>Free Congress Commentary - March 24, 2000
>Who's Nuts?
>By Paul M. Weyrich
>Frankly, I was somewhat surprised to see Richard Cohen abase himself
>so thoroughly before the PC pantheon as he did in his attack on Mr.
>[Charlton] Heston's speech in yesterday's Washington Post. Not only did he
>all the usual buttons - racism, homophobia (the word itself is a lie:
>moral disapproval is different from an irrational fear) - he even hit
>Political Correctness' equivalent of the nuclear button. Mr. Heston,
>he announced, is "nuts".

He sure is. Heston's nutty as a fruitcake and twice as booze-soaked -- or at least he was at the time Weyrich wrote this. NB, news item from July 31:

"Charlton Heston Underwent Alcohol Rehabilitation – Los Angeles (Reuters) - Actor Charlton Heston spent about three weeks in alcohol rehabilitation earlier this year because his social drinking had gotten out of hand, and he 'nipped the problem in the bud,' his publicist said on Monday. ... 'There's the Hollywood stuff and campaigning for the Republican Party and speaking at various universities ... and he would go to these receptions and have a lot of rubber chicken and maybe one too many glasses of wine. It happens.'"

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