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Wed Aug 9 14:59:11 PDT 2000

I was puzzled by the UE's take on L'man on bankruptcy, so I also called Townsend for clarification. Here it is:

The bankruptcy bill has been in the works for many moons and UE has tracked it in its many phases. In 1999, what the UE actually scored was the (failed) amendment to the legislation offered by Chris Dodd, exempting from its wicked provisions folks who had racked up astronomical healthcare debt. On that amendment L'man did in fact vote correctly (yes). But there should be no confusion: the bill itself, passed this year, is profoundly anti-worker and on that bill, and so many others, L'man voted wrong wrong wrong.

Somebody asked earlier about Israel: L'man prides himself on being amongst her strongest supporters in the Senate.


Doug Henwood wrote:

> Nathan, what was it that UE guy said about Lieberman on bankruptcy?
> This Yahoo! summary of his voting record has him voting for that evil
> legislation twice:
> <>.
> Doug

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