The Evil of Two Lessers

Reese reeza at
Thu Aug 10 02:40:33 PDT 2000

At 08:33 PM 08/08/00 -0500, Peter K. wrote:

>Steve Perry:


>>it will play, exactly; i will

>>only say this: if you think that

>>"the jewish stuff is all wheels

>>within wheels and has no relevance,"

>>i suspect you haven't spent a lot

>>of time in the rural midwest or

>>the rural south. there is rarely

>>any occasion to take the measure

>>of popular anti-semitism in those

>>regions, but i think it remains

>>part of the culture.


>Just from personal experience here in the midwest, I've been struck by how

>many times I've heard "Shylock" used by acquaintances and strangers just

>this year.

The term enjoyed a resurgence, with Elmore Leonard's book and the film it inspired, "Get Shorty".


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