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I myself have heard stories of support by the general prison population for the incarcerated protesters. One activist (recently released) staying at my house reported that authorites attempted to break their solidarity by distributing the protesters amongst the population. The population was helpfull in relaying the communcation necessary to continue their solidarity efforts. Another story, from a member of R2K legal, recounted how female protesters were distributed amongst the general population. However, they began organizing the other prisoners, and were soon put in quarters containing only protesters. truly, they "walk the talk"


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Well, it looks like Prison industrial Complex protestors are walking the walk. It seems that the protestors arrested are facilitating the general population in their own organizational efforts. Check this:


The following demands came to R2K legal from general population (i. e. not RNC protesters or those mistakenly arrested as such) in CFCF.

Rather than being scared by being in general population, our colleagues are forging links with prisoners inside, and offering tactics and resources for their liberation. I hope we can respect these demands and work on having them met.

Please utilize and distribute these demands appropriately.


1.Our right to a speedy trial no more waiting two or more years to go to court 2.Prompt medical and dental attention no more waiting weeks and months for essential medical care. 3.Decent food no more undercooked food. No more dirty or broken trays. 4.An end to overcrowding no more packing six prisoners each into the multi-purpose rooms. 5.An end to abuse by guards no more beatings of a single handcuffed prisoner by ten guards 6.Reliable phone service system is constantly down, preventing contact with lawyers and family 7.An end to headcount lockdowns these are used to deny US phones, showers and visits. 8.Prompt credit of monies sent to us from outside and from county payroll 9.Reasonable commissary prices no outdated food 10.Prompt response to sanitary problems, with toilets, sinks, showers we need cleaning supplies 11.Real rehabilitation programs ________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at

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