Trafficant: Reno a mobbed-up dyke

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Thu Aug 10 17:35:13 PDT 2000

[Of Trafficant it was once said that he combs his hair with a weed-whacker. Perhaps it did some brain damage.]

Hotline, 8/10/00:

TRAFICANT: Accuses Reno Of Trysts With Call Girl Tied To The Mob

On 8/7, OH Dem Rep. James Traficant, who is under federal investigation, told FNC's Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes that he had breaking news about AG Janet Reno and the Chinese money scandal. Accusing Reno of "treason," Traficant said that he had received "several affidavits" alleging that Reno was appointed Dade County, FL, State Attorney "as a favor and a thank you to the mob." He then said that Reno "is a lesbian" and had a "relationship with a call girl who was associated with organized crime figures" and that there are "videotapes of this woman." Traficant also said that "five police officers" have stopped Reno "for substance abuse, namely DUI, under the influence."

More Traficant: "I will be submitting [Freedom of Information Act] requests because I believe Janet Reno, in her failure to appoint an independent counsel specifically on the threatening issue, national security issue of China, she did so because of her blackmailability. I want to know why and how long it took for the FBI to investigate, if they gave this information to the Senate, if the Senate knew about the compromises they had with outside the government, they knew about her past history of alcoholism, association with call girls and they did interview several of the affiants that have, in fact, given me these affidavits." Traficant would not reveal who the affidavits are from, but did say that "they will testify in an open court or a Congressional hearing of appropriate nature or jurisdiction."

Hannity: "Give me the connection, sir, to accuse somebody of treason, give me the connection to treason. Tie it together for the audience." Traficant: "Very simple, someone who would aid and abet possibly our greatest enemy and threat that we had without even allowing an investigation into it" (8/7).

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