McChesney: Why I'm Voting for Ralph

Michael Yates mikey+ at
Fri Aug 11 08:44:33 PDT 2000

Robert McChesney's arguments for Nader are compelling. He did not mention the right to abortion, but the truth is that for many poor (and not so poor) women, abortions are not now available. In many states there are no or only a few places where a woman can safely have an abortion. And most medical schools no longer teach students abortion procedure. Will a Gore presidency change this? Will Gore improve the health (mis)care system? Will Gore fight to change the labor laws? No, no, and no are the answers.

Michael Yates Doug Henwood wrote:
> In These Times - August 21, 2000
> Nader: Why I'm Voting For Ralph
> by Robert McChesney
> Over the past few months, no one has aroused progressive political
> interest more than Ralph Nader, who suddenly has invigorated the most
> tedious and numbing presidential race imaginable. Suddenly, too, many
> of the crucial issues progressives care about - issues where Al Gore
> and George W. Bush either agree or differ only on nuance - have a
> candidate advancing them. And in Ralph Nader these positions are

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