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From the Direct Action Network and the Mobilization for Global Justice

Live from L.A. ----------------------------------------- We currently have a convergence of Rage Against the Machine, Bonnie Raite, two judicial wins including an injunction against the LAPD, and the rising momentum for the global and local justice issues that are drawing us together into the maelstrum -- Monday August 14.

Philadelphia Republican Convention ----------------------------------------- Total Arrests: 480 Still in Jail 8/8: 325 Felony cases: 36 Now on Hunger Strike: 149 Hundreds in Los Angeles will participate in solidarity 24 hour fast

Preliminary hearing for felony cases start Tuesday at 8pm and last until August 18. Most of those on hunger strike began last week, many on Tuesday.

The medical/legal documentation team has interviewed witnesses of multiple incidents of brutality against protestors and prisoners, some of whom are still incarcerated. There are 32 counts of excessive force, of which 7 are accounts of severe hog ties: in less than 30 min prisoners' hands were blue, swollen and persons were on the verge of loss of consciousness. In two of those cases, people were bleeding from the wrist.

Two officer's names and badge numbers come up repeatedly. One is responsible for dragging a man in the nude, grabbing a protester's penis, stepping on necks, jumping on a man's back with the help of 2 other officers, slamming a face into a cell door. The other officer's activities include saying "I'll fuck you up the ass and make you my bitch," slamming a man against wall repeatedly, punching a prisoner in the stomach, holding a prisoner's face in the trash with his knee in the prisoner's neck, throwing a prisoner against the wall.

Four cases of denial of access to medication. Four counts of sexual abuse: dragging a man naked, wrenching a man's penis, twisting a person's nipples, man subjected to random search of genitals. Two threats of rape from Commanding Officers.

Bail reduction hearings started today to respond to the outrageous bails set as high as $1 million for misdemeanor charges.

As noted, a high percentage of R2K prisoners are part of a jail solidarity campaign prisoners and demanding that all bail requirements be rescinded and all charges dropped. You can contribute to the bail fund though, should bail be required: Make your tax-deductible check out to "ISMCH" (they're the Fiscal Sponsor, The Institute of Social Medicine and Community with "BAIL FUND" memo, and mail it to

Philadelphia Direct Action Group (P-DAG). P.O. Box 40683 Philadelphia, PA 19107-0683 215-748-1887 BOX 7 salynch at

Los Angeles Democratic Convention - August 14-17 ----------------------------------------- Three women and one man were arrested Monday 8/7 for hanging a huge banner of an American flag with the stars replaced with corporate logos. Originally charged with misdemeanors, the three women had their charges increased to felonies and bails set at an astonishing $20,000 each.

In an announcement smarting of officially-sponsored hysteria, the California National Guard is preparing to deploy 3,000 troops to Los Angeles including the "Weapons of Mass Destruction Team," to combat acts of chemical, biological or nuclear terrorism.

Although contains a detailed list of the issues and a sense of the glue that is drawing us all together in struggle, the media has been unusually diligent in maintaining a "content black-out." Check out:

Join us in L.A. as we march for our lives, our future and for the generations to come.

St. Louis - Mobilization for Safe Food and Family Farms ----------------------------------------- 8/18 9am-10pm - Stop the Corporate Takeover: Missouri farmers and activists around the country in support of family farms and organic farming instead of corporate consolidation over a food supply of genetically engineered crops. morage! 314-721-3192

Washington DC - Protest the Kalabagh Dam in Pakistan ----------------------------------------- Monday August 14 12noon-3pm - Protest Rally Against Construction of this dam - A World Bank Funded Project. The oppressed people of Sindh, Balochistan, and Pakthoonkwa are determined to defeat the Kalabagh Dam Project, an ecological and social disaster designed by the dictatorial military regime of Pakistan. wsihq at 202.484.0134

Melbourne Australia - s11: World Economic Forum ----------------------------------------- September 11-13 - Oppose the World Economic Forum: A mass non-violent direct action is being planned around the World Economic Forum in Melbourne, three days before the Sydney Olympics. Crown Casino Melbourne Australia worldforum2000 at

IMF/World Bank in Prague ----------------------------------------- September 25-28 the IMF and World Bank are holding their 55th annual summit in Prague. As part of the ongoing resistance to the world financial oligarchy, a global coalition of environmental, human rights campaigners, autonomist/anarchist groups has started a mass mobilization to Prague. Solidarity actions are being planned worldwide.

Note -- This news update is brought to you from the DAN web team, and we heartily apologize for all the items missed. Financial support invited! specify "web" and send to MGJ - Alliance for Global Justice, 1247 E Street SE, Washington, DC 20003.

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